Broadcast Series equipment covers scenarios where low power Transmitters up to 150W, Gap Fillers or Regenerative Transposers up to 50W can be required. Broadcast series equipment is fully compliant with the DVB-T/T2/H and ISDB-T/Tb standards and allows system configuration redundancy (N+1 and 1+1).

2 multiplex 100W transmitter
3 multiplex 5W gap-filler

In Broadcast Series, the equipment modules are placed into a 19”x 5HU subrack. A 19”x 5HU subrack can house up to three 5W transmitters/gap fillers and up to two 10W, 20W, 50W or 100W of them. The Broadcast Series are based on a modular concept, using separate modules for power amplification and digital processing: modulator (transmitter) and channel processor (gap filler).



Transmitters and gap fillers up to 150W.

SFN and MFN configurations.

DVB-T/T2/H and ISDB-T/Tb compliant.

SFN synchronization system (GPS).

Redundancy system N+1 and 1+1.

Remote control & monitoring system.

Frequency agility.

Low power consumption.

Very low phase noise oscillator. DDS Technology.

LDMOS amplifiers.

Independent operating mode.

Electromagnetic compatibility and safety according to the CE regulation norms.

2 multiplex 10W transmitter
2 multiplex 50W gap-filler

Advanced Features

Two options of Echo cancellation of high performance: DAE and DEEC.
GPS redundancy option.
Optional N+1 an 1+1 via adding an addition 1HU to the system.

DAE echo canceller

The DAE echo canceller is indicated to be used under moderate echo conditions, supports a 10dB gain margin level and performs spectrum equalization.

In addition to cancelling the echo produced by the coupling between the transmitting and receiving antenna, it is able to cancel any echo of the input signal whose delay with the main beam is between 0 and 8μs. Thus, the echo canceller circuit allows correcting the distortions in amplitude of the input signal of the gapfiller when they are caused by multipath propagation.

The DAE echo canceller performs the spectrum equalization in the entire cancellation window.

Input signal
Output signal

DEEC echo canceller

The Doppler Enhanced Echo Canceller can suppress Doppler effect and echoes with greater gain margin (higher echo levels), providing an optimum MER performance.

The cancellation coverage is based on three temporal windows of approximately 6μs wide each. Placed in continuous mode, they fully cover a range from 0,5μs to 18,5μs. The three windows can shift independently in a range going up to 37,6 μs.

Prodiving an output MER > 27dB when cancelling an echo 20 dB higher than the main signal provides an Output MER > 27dB for a 20dB gain margin.

For the cancellation of an echo 24dB higher than the main signal provides an output MER > 24dB.

Gap-filler input
Gap-filler output

Advantages & Benefits

Multichannel architecture. The higher the number of MUX -> The Lower the cost per channel
Modular design.
Very flexible configurations.
Front conexions for easier manteinance.
Remote management
Easy manteinance and reduction in needs of spare parts.
Power measurements after filter.
Remote management
Management, GSM/GPRS, Alarms, DVB-T Receiver and GPS modules