TRedess is a leading company in professional telecommunications solutions. With a solid and constant investment in R&D, we are able to develop competitive, reliable and innovative solutions responding to markets in technological evolution. 

We are specialized in Transmitters, Translators/Transposers and Gap Fillers for DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T and ATSC 1.0/3.0 networks: air-cooled Low and Medium Power equipment up to 3000W output power. We are suppliers of main DTT network operators worldwide, having wide experience in large DTT network rollout projects.

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TV Broadcasting

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Our main products are Low Power Transmitters, Gap Fillers and Regenerative Transposers for Digital Terrestrial Television Networks (DVB-T/T2/H), to make the TV signal available where the primary TV network infrastructure cannot reach.

Our aim is to offer a complete and integral solution to our customers (Plug&Play system), combining our high-quality Transmitters and Gap Fillers, Control and Monitoring systems and all the necessary accessories for a complete solution. Our equipment and systems cover the following Field applications:

Digital Switch Over.

Expanding coverage of DVB-T/T2/H networks.

Filling shadow areas and coverage gaps.

Regional networks deployment.

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Our costumers

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Our main customers are TV broadcasting network operators, regional and local governments, engineering companies and telecommunications installers.

Main TV network operators in different countries have chosen us to help them achieve full coverage in their network infrastructure.

TRedess supports today over 4.500 multichannel sites installed worldwide or, in other words, more than 15.000 transmitters and gap fillers on the field. Our TV Broadcast Systems are installed in Spain, France, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Malta, Faeroe Islands, Georgia, Chile, Brasil, Vietnam, Hong-Kong, Thailand, Morocco, Mali, ...

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Team & Organization

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The growth of TRedess is based in our highly qualified team, a group of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals, who work to give a quick response to our market needs. TRedess is composed today by a team of highly qualified people, approximately 40% of them being engineers.

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Our young and talented R&D engineers develop innovative products with the latest technology, anticipating the new technological challenges in the telecommunications sector.

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Being a part of Televes Corporation provides us with the most advanced production facilities to manufacture high quality equipment. Experience and qualified production methods are the basis of our equipment.

At the testing department, EACH INDIVIDUAL MODULE is adjusted and then subjected to a functioning verification process.

The control on the whole production process let us commit to deliver high quality systems, at short deadlines, available to solve our customer’s problem in any scenario.

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Reasons to choose us

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Our products combine very high quality and competitive prices.
We save your time: We deliver plug&play systems.

We are flexible to adapt our solutions to your needs. We offer quick response, professional assessment and technical support to customers.

We are committed to deliver when you need it: We can respond to short delivery deadlines.

We are innovative: Our young, qualified R&D engineers develop the latest technologies to respond to market needs.
Our figures speak for us: We count with more than 15.000 transmitting devices up and running on the field and TRedess solutions are nowadays present in more than 30 countries, providing our solutions to main TV network operators.